Pets at Ease
Pet Home Care Services

Service List

“Pets at Ease” will be responsible for:

  • Giving food and water
  • Exercising (leash walk or playing fetch in the yard)
  • Maintaining litter boxs and cages
  • Administering vitamins and medicines
  • Brushing
  • Any other special instructions you may have

We are there for that important one-on-one contact and individual care.

Exercise and Potty Breaks

Exercise by playing in the yard or going on a walk.

Lots of Love and Attention

Lots of hugging, petting, and playtime.
We all know there can’t be too much of that!

Food, Water, and Medicine

I have experience giving fluids under
the skin in cats and insulin injections.

Pet Taxi Rides

To vet and groomer appointments

Other services offered:

  • Daily mid-day doggy walks -(weekdays 11am - 2pm)

    (For when you work long hours and can't get home to let
    the dog out or for that new puppy who just can't hold it!)

  • Pet taxi rides - to vet and groomer appointments

We can be there when you can't!

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Last Updated: 03/14/2007