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Raisins, Grapes, and Avocados … Oh My!

Startling Pet Toxins

Information provided by the American Medical Association, Schaumburg, IL

Favorite people treats such as raisins, grapes, and avocados can be deadly to our pets. The Animal Poison Control Center estimates that they responded to more than 73,000 accidental pet poisoning cases in 2002.

Pet owners and pet–care professionals should also talk to their veterinarians about environmental hazards in their area and how to properly use flea control products on their animals.

Keep Meds out of Reach

Check to make sure your pets don’t have access to any medicines, as many can be poisonous to our pets. This includes common, over the counter, and prescription medicines. This includes aspirin, ibubrophen, acetaminophen, vitamins, and sleeping pills. According to the ASPCA, just one regular-strength ibubrophen pill (200mg) can trigger stomach ulcers in a 10 pound dog. Other commonly used human medicines, such as antidepressants and diet pills, can be lethal as well.

Common seasonal pet poisons include house plants, such as lilies, Rhododendrons, nightshade, and Japanese yews, chemicals, such as lawn fertilizer, rat poison, swimming pool treatment supplies, pest control products, and antifreeze, and also toads or spiders. An extensive list of poisons can be found on the AVMA Web site at

When it comes to accidental pet poisoning, prevention is the most important factor to preventing illness and death. In addition to the obvious toxic materials, pet owners and pet sitters need to know which outwardly innocent substances may be dangerous to our furry friends:

Even raisins, grapes and avocados!