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About Me

Do you remember, back as kids, when we used to bring home all the neighborhood strays? Well, besides saving and bringing home stray cats and dogs, I also used to spend my time keeping my neighbors tied-up dogs company. I can still remember Holly, the dog across the street from my house. She waited for me every day to get off the bus and pet her.

Later on in life, I worked as a nurse’s aide for years while part time pet sitting. I started rescuing stray kittens and cats, bottle feeding the orphaned kittens with a friend. Now, I work with a non profit dog organization called Homeward Bound Dog Rescue helping homeless dogs find their way home. I foster many at my home until they are adopted. I’ve always felt a need to work with animals; this is my one true love. Everybody always asked me, “Why in the world don’t you work with animals?” And so I started Pets at Ease.

I’ve had a love for animals from before I can remember. I can not think of a more enjoyable career for me. I love what I do! I will care for your “babies” as if they are my own.

I live in the Village of Colonie with my family and "extended family” of 6 cats, 1 rabbit, 4 doggies, fish, and my foster kitties.